Low Carb Breads of the World

Do you wish that low-carb breads could be made from something other than nut flour, cheese, or beaten egg white?

Now they are.

Low Carb Breads of the World are a new category of low-carb bread. They contain NO nut flour and no psyllium, xanthan gum, guar gum, or inulin, as these ingredients often cause digestive issues and also removes barriers for people with nut allergies to have low-carb bread.

In addition, Low Carb Breads of the World makes culturally appropriate bread available to people from bread-centric cultures with high rates of type 2 diabetes, including those of Indian and Hispanic descent. 


Low Carb Breads of the World are “real bread that happens to be low carb.”

Priority allergens such as egg and soy are clearly marked in each recipe. Most recipes are not suitable for those with celiac disease. While there are no grains in these recipes, many of the recipes contain ingredients made from the outer husk of grain, and there is also inclusion of protein isolate derived from wheat (similar to how whey protein is derived from dairy), and vital wheat gluten.  A note about gluten here.

Below are a few pictures of different types of bread that appear in the book.

More than a Cookbook

Low Carb Breads of the World is much more than a cookbook or a collection of recipes. It is an essential kitchen tool for baking “real bread that happens to be low carb.”

Low Carb Breads of the World begins by introducing readers to the unique low-carb ingredients used in the recipes and explains how to use them successfully in different types of breads, including yeast breads, quick breads, and international breads such as low-carb chapati, roti, and pita bread. This information is essential for success as baking using these novel ingredients differs significantly from baking with high-carb grain flours or the ingredients used in existing low-carb bread books. 

The recipes in Low Carb Breads of the World allow readers to learn how to utilize these ingredients and methods to produce different types of low-carb bread, and the recipes are unlike any in existing low-carb bread books.

Please click on the “What’s Inside” tab to read the details about this book, it’s format and the reasons for it.

The Bread Recipes

The recipes in the book are not perfect replicas of the original but are as close as possible using low-carb ingredients that are readily available and that contain as few priority allergens as possible.

All recipes are designed to be made with minimal kitchen equipment and all breads in this book were made by hand when they were developed, standardized and tested.  They were developed from ingredients that were purchased online so that they would be available to anyone and if you live in any US city, these ingredients are likely available in most grocery stores, or health food stores.

A Spontaneous Review

(August 15, 2022): I was delighted to receive this email this morning with a photo of one of my low-carb breads and a review of it. Thank you so much, James, and thanks for the permission to post it!

Spontaneous review from James F.

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