New Category of Low Carb Breads

Finally there is a new category of low-carb breads that are made without nut flour and that contain no psyllium, chia seed, xanthan gum, guar gum, or inulin as these ingredients often cause people digestive issues.

While cheese and egg are included as ingredients in some recipes, they do not form the basis of these breads.

Low Carb Breads of the World includes low carb bread recipes from a variety of cultures around the world, and include several Indian and Hispanic breads as South Asians have 6x the incidence of type 2 diabetes compared with Caucasians, and Hispanics have double. These are culturally appropriate breads for people from bread-centric cultures who need suitable low carb options.

This new category of low carb breads in Low Carb Breads of the World also makes a low carb lifestyle more accessible to those with nut allergies, or who have an intolerance to psyllium, chia seed, xanthan gum, guar gum, or inulin.

These are real breads that happen to be low carb.

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This book is written by Joy Y. Kiddie, MSc, RD, the Low Carb Healthy Fat Dietitian (