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Low Carb Breads of the World is a new category of homemade low carb bread. Theses breads contain no nut flour and while cheese and egg may be included as ingredients, they are not the basis of the bread. They contain no psyllium, chia seed, xanthan gum, guar gum, or inulin, as these ingredients often cause people digestive issues. Low Carb Breads of the World removes several barriers that people have to adopting a low-carb lifestyle and make culturally appropriate and ingredient-appropriate bread available to people from bread-centric cultures that have high rates of type 2 diabetes, including those from Southeast Asian and Hispanic backgrounds. Low Carb Breads of the World are ‘real bread that happen to be low carb.’

Low Carb Breads of the World sells for $24.99 (USD) plus 5% GST tax (total of $26.24).

ISBN: 978-1-7780355-0-0

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